EQUINE OAKUM (Hanf mit Teer)

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The hoof is a very vulnerable part of a horse. Hoof injuries can range from minor to life threatening.

Oakum bandages are an excellent solution for curing hoof injuries.

Additionally, horse trainers often use our hoof bandage that is soaked with a dense, premium type of pine tar to prevent injuries and maintain excellent hoof health. Oakum treatments not only protect the hooves during shoeing, but the medicinal additives in them also prevent infection and heal any minor injuries that may happen during the process.

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Packaging options

Hoof Bandages are available in convenient packaging options. Each wooden box contains 40 dkg of bandages, sufficient for one horse. For easy storage and transportation, 14 wooden boxes are packed in a cardboard box. Alternatively, you can choose the 1 kg option, with 10 bags in a box, or the 5 kg option, with 2 bags in a box, providing flexibility to meet your specific needs.