Swedish Oakum

Hand-Crafted Oakum Products
THAT Stand the Test of Times

Seal with Oakum:
Time-Tested Strength

Discover the time-tested strength of oakum for sealing gaps in construction, marine, plumbing, and equestrian industries. Our hand-crafted oakum is made from natural flax fibers and pine tar, providing optimal quality and perfect sealing. Contact us for samples and let us help you with your oakum needs today.

Oakum is a type of natural rope made with fine tar and flax fiber. It is an excellent caulking material to seal gaps. It is a time-tested product that has been used in various industries for centuries. In the production of oakum, the flax fibers are impregnated with pine tar resulting in the optimal quality to provide perfect sealing. The main industries of use are construction, marine, plumbing and equestrian.

Eco-Friendly Oakum for a Greener Future

At Sam Persson Hungary Ltd., we are committed to producing eco-friendly oakum products with the least possible ecological footprint. Our natural and biodegradable components preserve both the environment and the health of consumers. Discover our traditional hand-crafted style of production and experience the premium quality of our oakum. Contact us to learn more.

MADE to Last:
Hand-Crafted Oakum

Made to last, our hand-crafted oakum products stand the test of time. Used as a sealant and for insulation in construction, marine, plumbing, and equestrian industries, our oakum is soaked in pine tar for optimal quality and perfect sealing. Explore our products and contact us for more information on how we can help you.